Thursday, February 10, 2005

Honey! Honey

Have you ever sat writing an entry, pouring your heart out into it, and then got ready to click the add after an hour of the words just flowing. Then you go to look at your entry and there stands the last entry you had written the day before, and all those wonderful thoughts you had were gone. Well I'm going to try this again, it happened to me yesterday for the first time. I was so frustrated that I couldn't get out what I had already said or that it wouldn't capture the feeling, so now I'm writing on my Microsoft word and I'll transfer it over later, so at least it might be saved. Yesterday I had a thought that started with something Mike had asked me, he's always asking me trivia. The question, "What food never spoils even if you leave it out?" I didn't have to think long because my Nana's father harvested bee's for their "HONEY". Yep Honey never spoils. You know how wordplay works honey made me think of something else, and yesterday I just went from thought to thought, so maybe I was supposed to lose that entry, since now I've had more time to think about it. Well the honey made me think of a couple of childhood things. I have asthma, havn't had an attack in years though but as a child it was terrible. I used to eat the beeswax as my cure, old ancient cures from great grandmother that was passed down. I also started thinking of one of my passions as a kid, Bugs, yes I was the Jr. Entomologist from the 5th grade to the 7th grade, bugs were my life, I couldn't get enough, I studied them, I caught them, I read about them, and I put them under microscopes so I could see them even better. Well the honey made me think of a specific ant, the "Honey ants" they survive in difficult times by depending on certain memebers of their group know as "honey pots". They take in so much nectar that they swell up until they resemble little round berries, hardly able to move. When food and water become scarce, these ants act as a "social stomach" and sustain the entire colony by dispensing what they have stored in their own bodies. Pretty amazing stuff huh? Well after thinking about that I started thinking of the messanger of God, how they must fill their heart and mind with their truths. Only as they are faithful in applying their truths to their own life can they honestly give it nourishing encouragement to others. I think of all those social stomach's that helped me in some way or another. I am thankful for those people. I want to be like thosepeople, I want a social stomach like these people. I know with this comes a lot. I know as believers by digesting our truths and allowing the Spirit of God to make them part of our lives. Then when we are filled we can speak effectively to others who are in need of spiritual food. There are times I want to share, but don't know how, or worry that the words won't come out right, I can write them, but it's really hard to make them come out of my mouth. Although I have had a few people that I feel I have been able to share with, and I'm thankful for that. All this food makes me think of another thing as a child. My mom used to keep this little clay loaf of Bread on top of the fridge, it was the bread of life, sticking out of it were little cards we would read each day, it would have something to be thankful for, and would usually have a scripture on it. I miss that excitement I used to get every day as a child as I was about to pick a little card and read something to be excited about, but hey maybe I havn't lost it, no I havn't lost it that's for sure. No matter what! I still have the bread of life. "JESUS!"

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barbpinion said...

Derek, I think this is one of your BEST entries. loved it. Hugs. *Barb*
I'll be sharing this one.