Thursday, February 3, 2005


I've got in the habit of looking at these websites everyday that talks about different birds, sort of a bird of the day. I love birds, I think I've always wanted to be one, I love my dreams when I fly in them. The bird today was a arctic sea bird called a Guillemot, they live on rocky coastal cliffs, where thousands of them come together in small areas. Because of the crowded conditions, the females lay their eggs side by side in a long row. It's incredible that a mother bird can identify the eggs that belong to her. Studies show that even when one is moved some distance away, she finds it and carries it back to its original location. After reading this couldn't helpe but think of our Father in heaven, and how intimiately acquainted He is with each of us, His children. He is aware of every thought, emotion, and decision we make. From morning to night He gives personal attention to our daily affairs. It's as amazing as these little birds who know their eggs. It's pretty great to be so well loved and well known. Sometimes in this world I feel so small, but I guess if you really think about it we're never lost in a crowd. It's superbowl weekend coming up. We are probably going to go watch the fireworks tonight, if the weather permits, it's been raining for days it feels like, it's finally warming up some again.


barbpinion said...

Hi Derek. I really enjoyed this entry. I love birds too. At one time I had a parrot, two canaried, six finches, one cockateil and two parakeets. Not all at once of course. I loved taking care of these birds. ALways made me think of the verse in the Bible about the sparrow. Hugs. *Barb*

judithheartsong said...

what a wonderful entry....... do you have a link for the website? hugs, judi

deabvt said...

Beautiful, Derek.