Saturday, February 5, 2005

Home in Georgia

I've left all the festivities of Jacksonville and the Super Bowl for the quiet life back home in Georgia.  Friday I took off and spent the day on the farm, My Papa and Mema's farm, with the boys and Dena, Mama picked up Autumn and came over also.  We played outside with an airplane I brought Eli, and took Autumn out on the pond on our big yacht, lol.  I told her it was Mema's boat, and in one of the picture's you can see her looking up in the heaven's saying Mema we are on your boat.  As you can see everyone has grown.  I went and saw my dad and worked on his computer.  Then Eli came back with Autumn and me and spent the night with my other sister Sherry and I.  We had a good night and caught up on everything, and of course talking about the wedding.  I took Autumn and Eli out earlier, we fingerpainted.  And did some shrinky dinks, lol.  Now I need a nap.


deabvt said...

Great Pics!

eynl said...

Nice pictures!