Monday, July 4, 2005

Fourth of July

I woke up early today, Mike's still sleeping and it's 10:30,  I got up around 8 something, have been washing clothes and remembering July 4th's of the past, last year I was with my cousin Vicki at the big pool party.  We all had lots of fun.  Two years ago I was watching the fireworks from the beach from a balcony.  I remember one in New York that I watched from a window while someone slept.  My fondest memories of July 4th were those as a kid, going to my Nana's house,with my mom's brother's shooting fireworks out of a coke bottle.  Set off into the starry sky.  Those starry skies in the country are just diffrent than those of the city, I miss them.  I remember once, my cousin Selena and I getting some firecrackers and us going to set them off ourselves, and one went off in my hand.  I was scared to look at my hand cause I thought it might not be there.  But it was, just red and hurting.   Everyone have a Happy July 4th, make some good memories!

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cubbycub said...

Happy Fourth of July to you and Mike also!!!!!