Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Morning with Abby

I've been spending my Sunday morning with Abby, Mike is at church, and I'm sitting here enjoying some quiet time.  Yes sometimes quiet time for me can be almost like church.  I forget what it's like sometimes.  I've enjoyed my quiet time this morning, just meditating on things and life, and how I feel about life in general.   I think sometimes things just get to loud for me.  I've had some realizations about some things.  I watched this movie last night.  Kind of strange, but I enjoyed it.  "Garden State".   I think I know where my feeling on clutter and things come from.  My mom's dad.  Pepa.   My Pepa and Nana got divorced when I was born.  My Nana moved in with my Uncle, and my Pepa stayed at the house my mom grew up in.  All I can tell you is, my memories are of a young boy.  But it was nasty, full of clutter and a mess.  I didn't feel good when I was there.  Then years later my Nana got the house, and she cleaned out all the mess, and I mean it was a mess.  After hard work and cleaning,  The house had a good feeling.  Nana had it liked she wanted.  It had fresh paint, and good feelings came into the house.   I think when I see clutter some of that old feeling of my Pepa come back.  It's not a good feeling.  I loved my Pepa but he wasn't the most tidy of people.   Not sure where I'm going with these feelings.  Just had to get them out I guess.


joolsinwa said...


cubbycub said...

Always good to de-clutter our minds!!!

csandhollow said...

Not sure where I'm going with these feelings.  Just had to get them out I guess.

Clearing out the clutter.

robinngabster said...

For me clutter equals chaos...maybe you felt something similar to that.

judithheartsong said...

oh I cannot stand clutter either... makes me feel panicky and stifles me horribly. judi

janacassie said...

It has been proven that clutter and dirt worsen depression. I do not know how some people stand to sit in it day after day.
Instead of doing something about it.  I can not stand to go sit in someones dirty house and look at their mess. Makes me want to jump up and run.
I understand exactly what you are talking about.
Nothing is more pleasant than a warm cheery room with fresh clean smells.