Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's almost friday

Well another friday is almost upon us.  I went ahead and got groceries today.  So we're set for a while.  Nothing excited planned.  Our friends are all going camping.   I've got to get some sun this weekend.  I'm feeling pale.  I'm surrounded by the sounds of television, Mike's watching "Last of the Dog Soldiers".   I light a candle and try to find the silence of my thoughts.   When did I start thinking.  Dreaming of something that only these words can describe.  There is a shining light in this dark green candle.  A light upon darkness.  It takes my breathaway.   I put myself upon the wick.  I am stepping out of the shadows and into something brighter.  I observe the wax dripping on my candle of renewal, it melts away with my love.  Time leads the way to the cool waters of my reason and I am here to see it flow in my despair.  It only slowly puts out the flame.  With this I am absorbed into the night.  Surrounded by my consciousness, here I sit with all my senseless decisions
going in a constant motion, these thoughts on the tip of my tongue staring into eyes of flames that only his admiring eyes may gaze upon these words are spoken but with no reply a destination to reach but no road to follow and even though reality still exists without my knowledge this is only a state of my thoughts.  Thought I'd throw some of my old prose into this. 

I enjoy looking into candles.


dimundntheruf69 said...

very deep entry indeed!'s me Christie..I'm still around..I have just been really excuse, I know...I'm sorry...I am definitely gonna start staring longer into the flame of my burning candles....  :0)

barbpinion said...

Awesome entry, Derek. Love the way you expressed yourself. Hugs and always my prayers. Barb

indigosunmoon said...

Loved this entry Derek!
Love ya,

joolsinwa said...

hun, that was DEEP! LOL ty!