Friday, July 22, 2005

Why I Keep A Journal


It's that time of month again, my favorite artist's , Judith Heartsong, hosts her Artsy Essay Contest for anyone willing to participate.  She posts a subject and gives us a chance to get involved and have a chance for one of her beautiful creations.

This month marks the 2nd Anniversary for AOL Journals.  I read this one and thought first what it would be like if I didn't keep a journal, so this was really fun, trying to create something. Judi Heartsong has been sponsoring an essay contest each month, and I've been having fun just being part of it. This is my July entry. Anyone interested in reading other entries can follow this link, and it will link you on to others.

Why I Keep A Journal


"It's important to let your feeling be known  Your so quiet, so I'm giving you this journal for your twelvth birthday.   Write your feelings down, create something based on your feeling." __Alicia, Derek's mom 



This was the start, my inspiration, my feelings, all started from that first journal twenty-five years ago.   For me it's been artistic creation of my mind through my feelings.  Journaling has been a healing force for as long as I can remember.  My early journaling has much imagination.  I still live in imagination much of my life, so I tried to imagine what it would be like for me without the journaling process which I’ve been doing since I was twelve.


                             Like flight being taken away from an eagle…

                                               Such would be me.

                          Like the power to manipulate words

                                being taken away from a poet…

Such would be me.

Like the refusal of a canvas to accept paint from an artist…

Such would be me.

The essay of assisting you in understanding the severity of my loss

Well, let’s suffice it to say…

The depth of that realm is simply too vast.

How long would the aches of not having that outlet last?

I will go on…


How bright would my flame be?

My glow would dim, but to what degree?

The respect that I show for myself…

Would continue

The good deeds that I do for others…

Would continue

The dreams that I have …

Would continue

The partner that the Lord  put in my path will be given my all.

Walking next to him…would I stand as tall?

If I didn’t have a place to write these words, I don’t think I could last

I would struggle to hold onto my grace…

While lying in the dark.

Everything would be forgotten…maybe this is my medicine

To forget…

maybe that would be the ultimate sin.

To have not recorded my word

The first journal my mother gave me was

To aid in my survival

This makes me begin to smile.

This is what life would be like

Without my written word.

                                                     By: Derek 


Why do I journal?  Because it helps my heart to heal.  I have a picture in my head of what journaling is for me.  It's a healing garden of my mind, it helps me nurture what is sacred.  It gives voice to my spirit through my words and my feeling.

 Every day we all have the possiblity to tap into our soul's beautiful artistic palette through artistic expression and imagination.  I've enjoyed these twenty five years of a creative journey, this journey of me.   This journey that one day will lead me home.

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sanantoniotexas said...

I wish I had the talent like you do to convey what is in my head to paper or in this case typed text to an online journal..great essay!


cw2smom said...

Absolutely excellent!  Best of luck to you!  Lisa

libragem007 said...

Hi Derek,
New to your journal which I found through Judith Heartsong's contest comment link.
I like the part where you term journaling as the  healing garden of your mind.
Wonderful entry ;-)
Journally yours,

njlittlebear said...

great entry Derek.


nicurnmama said...

BEAUTIFUL! Simply beutiful.
I am so glad your mother gave you that gift when you were 12.
Thank you for visiting mine and your compliments.

judithheartsong said...

oh Derek, this is a wonderful piece and I am so glad you wrote. There is a sacred connection for me here as well.... beautifully stated. judi