Thursday, June 10, 2004

Baby and Chicken (Weekend Assignment #9)

Weekend assignment:

Well "Baby" is not my dog she's my friend Mike's.  But she loves me and I love her anyway and I have a funny story about her.  Back when I first met Mike, I had been bragging about my homemade chicken pot pie.  So one night while Mike was at work I went over to his house and boiled my chicken, and 6 boiled eggs.  After it was done i picked the meat off the chicken putting it in a casserole dish, cutting the eggs up over the chicken, for some reason I decided to go take a shower and finish it up after the shower and I put the dish way back on the oven.  After my shower I walked downstairs to see an empty casserole dish upside down.  Clean as if it was just out of the dishwasher.  It didn't register at first, then I looked over at Baby and I saw some chicken hanging from her mouth.  So she got the startings of my chicken casserole,  When Mike got home she was hiding upstairs because she knew she did something wrong.  She wouldn't even come back downstairs.   It may have put a damper on my first cookings for Mike but it's always been a funny story to us.  What wasn't funny was the gas she had later.  Baby's favorite thing to this day is still chicken.  She goes crazy when she see's it. 


gbgoglo said...

Cute story, D.

onestrangecat said...

LOL.  Can't keep a dog away from something that smells so good.