Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Call Me A Dreamer

I've been sitting here today dreaming.  I guess sometimes we dream our way through life until someone or something confronts us with the real world.  Nothing wrong with dreams, I mean the alternative is not to dream.  I love dreaming, dreaming of a better life.  Dreaming of being a famous writer.  I don't think I think too much of myself.  I know I'm a ok writer, and I enjoy it guess that's all that matters.   This is all such a learning experience for me, guess life is exactly that.  July 4th weekend is coming up.  I'm looking forward to it, and I am also leary of it.  There are a few parties I've been invited too.  I want to have fun this weekend, but I don't want to do anything to slip into some of my old ways by attending them.  I look back on my life to a time when I didn't have much of a conscience.  It's like one day God just gave me a gift, that gift was a conscience.  It has been a guiding light for me, and has told me wrong from right.  Things that were once fun for me are not anymore.  I've talked about this with my friend Wendy.  She said we're just growing up.  I guess so, I wonder sometimes why I got this gift so late in life.  I know I've always had it, but I think maybe I had hidden that gift.  Sometimes I guess we're just not ready for some gifts.  Keep me in thoughts this weekend.  Hope you all have a safe and wonderful fourth.


gbgoglo said...

I hope you enjoy your 4th and that you stay safe!  Just remember, you can never go back!  Once God has you in His grip, you cannot fall back to where you were.  My blessings and prayers be with you, D!  gloria  P.S. I love dreaming!

stacy1tbkl said...

Without dreams.....there would be no invention.
Without dreams....there would be no fantasy.
Without dreams...there would be no quest to the stars.

Keep dreaming !

indigosunmoon said...

Nothing wrong with having dreams Derek.  They give us the
courage to do great things with our lives.
Have a great weekend my friend!

judithheartsong said...

artist's dreams are the very most important dreams...... dreams are how the greatest of all creations are made. I will send you positive thoughts this weekend. judi

jojolona said...

Happy fourth Derek.  did you know that is one of my favorite names?  

musenla said...

I hope you have a nice July 4th weekend.  

We're all on our journeys through life, Derek.  Perhaps you needed to take the road you took to get to this place in your life now.  Live and learn.  =P