Thursday, June 10, 2004


I've written a good bit about all my grandparents, Pepa I havn't shared a lot about.  What I have written about him was that he was abusive to my Nana, and too my mother when she was younger.  But he was never mean to me.  He did quit drinking when I was young, and after my grandparents divorced.  I never saw the man my mom and grandmother saw.  I think the alcohol must have been the root to all evil.  My memories of my Pepa were his sky blue eyes.  Autumn's are very much the same color.  They were the bluest eyes I'd ever seen.  He was very proud of his family, and is one of the big reasons I love geneology today.  I loved his stories of his grandmother.  I didn't spend a great deal of time with my Pepa.  I do remember him being very proud of us every year when we all went to his grandparents family reunion.  I wish I knew him more, he had a sadness about him, but also a light shining that was just waiting to come out.  He would get very tickled when he would tell stories of his family.  Almost all his stories were about his family.  So in ways I can identify with him very much. 

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gbgoglo said...

I'm happy for your fond memories of Pepa.  I had a similar situation.  My father was an alcoholic but I was never mistreated by him.  My memories of my father are neither happy or sad, they just are...gloria