Monday, June 21, 2004

When Love Struck Twice

I checked my email today, and my brother had sent me this poem he had written about Autumn when she was born.  Had to share it.  Autumn's birth changed us all.  She came here to bless and she certainly has done that.


When Love Struck Twice
by Lance

Love comes around every one in a while,
Just thinkin about Love makes me wanna smile,

I never knew Love would really exist,
until the day when I got a heartfelt kiss,

That's only the start of this story I'll tell,
just wait it gets better...
I hope I don't fail

A Love can grow more than you'll ever believe,
inside the womb of a woman a baby eager to breathe

As contractions grew closer my heart started to beat,
Lord please let my baby girl have all her toes on her feet.

As my wife's pain deepened inside,
I took a deep breath and started to cry.

The Ultimate present she struggled to give,
to give me a baby longing to live.

I looked at my wife with all the love in my heart,
the thought of this family we were so eager to start.

One final push and a loud yell she let out,
As she pushed out my baby...
love took a new route.

So much time seemed to go by,
praying for my little girl to please cry.

That's when she opened her eyes and let out a scream, that would open my heart up to more than I dreamed.

That's when I gazed at my baby and looked at my wife, and realized Love had struck twice in my once meaningless life.


barbpinion said...

This poem is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us. Bless you.  *Barb*

eynl said...

This is a beautiful poem.

gbgoglo said...

So beautiful, D.  Thank you and your brother for sharing it.  Blessings...gloria