Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thank You

Can I just say I was very surprised when I got the email yesterday that I had been chosen for the Editor's pick for top 5.  Thanks from me to all of you that have made this journaling experiece what it has been for me.  It has brought healing, happiness, and much joy. 





alphawoman1 said...

Good for are a terrific writer.

lamove04 said...

Hey Derek: Congratulations on being highlighted in the Top Picks this week. couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!!  Keep on writing, and taking those great pics in your other journal.  --Albert

gbgoglo said...

YEA! CLAP! CLAP!  Couldn't happen to a neater guy!  Congrats!  Love this pic!

barbpinion said...

Congratulations, my dear friend. You deserve it. GREAT JOB>  Hugs, love & prayers. *Barb

mlrhjeh said...

Hi Derek,
Congrats on being a top 5 pick!
I will enjoy reading about your life.

Visit my journal sometime.

Mary louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear

eynl said...

Congratulations.  :)

elfjuice9 said...

Hey congratulation on being a top pick.  That what an accomplishment! :) Im new to journal writing, but i would love for you to stop by sometime :) hope all remains well.

indigosunmoon said...

Congratulations Derek!