Tuesday, June 1, 2004


Well, it was an amazing memorial day weekend!  I saw three amazing sunrises each very diffrent.  I'll be posting the pictures as soon as possible.  Mostly it was very relaxing, I just piddled a good bit, getting things the way I want in my new place.  It's already feeling very much like home, which I havn't felt in a long time.  We had our regular Sunday night feast, we grilled chicken on the grill, had some corn on the cobb, beans, homemade bread.  Mike and Bette came over to see my place.  I'm really happy.  Yesterday I got to see Mike at work as the radioioguy, boy some people handle stress well.  I'd be a wreck if I had to handle so much at work every day.  Well, it just started to rain really hard, boy do we need it.  Well, until later.  I have to finish up my work here.

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