Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's been a beautiful Summer Day

It's been a fun day, we spent most of it on the beach.  Had a good lunch here at the house, walked back to the beach.  Autumn loved the water, we did have a little scare when I had her on my shoulders and a wave knocked her right off them.  I pulled her up out of the water and she said.  "That wave was trying to kill me".  Didn't phase her one bit though, she loved it.  She even laid it the sand and made angels like Northerners do in the snow.  We took a little trip to the health food store to get my favorite almonds and realized, Autumn and I need a nap.  Mama and Sherry dropped us off so they could do some power shopping, and Autumns been out hard since they left.  A huge storm has come up like I havn't seen in years, and she's slept right through it.  Sherry called and said the electricity is off at the store they are at, and they are waiting it out there.  Funny how the weather can change so quickly.

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gbgoglo said...

Another great picture, D.  She is adorable.