Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Drawing of little Virginia

A couple of years ago, someone came into my life.  I was thinking about her tonight.  We lived together for two years up until about 4 months ago.  I often wonder why she came into my life.  Guess the answers lie in what I learned from living with her.  When I first saw her, i saw something in her eyes, something familiar, like she had felt some of the same pains in life that I had.  We both met during a hard time, it was another beginning.  Someone had just ended a three year relationship with me whom I cared for tremendously.  She had just ended a relationship.  Friendship grew fast and we learned much about each other.  We shared many feelings about life, and just everyday life was fun.  We enjoyed our time together.  We had a connection I cannot deny.  We talked about our wounds together.  We healed together.  Then in like one moment something happened.  She had a breakdown.  I havn't seen her since this happened, just talked a few times on the phone.  We both knew we were about to embark on new lives.  I just didn't know it was going to happen so quickly.  She lives up north now on her fathers farm, healing.  I keep her in my prayers.  I pray for that little girl.  I pray that she can heal and not continue being a victim.  I hope she can become a witness and learn to protect that little girl.


gbgoglo said...

AMEN!, Derek, AMEN!

eynl said...

When I first looked at your drawing I saw eyes that were looking for guidance.

musenla said...

Fate works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn't it?  It seems that you two got together during times in your lives when you needed each other the most.

I hope your friend continues to heal on her road to recovery.