Thursday, June 10, 2004

She Is Wearing White

I had a dream last night, I'm going to start a dream journal soon.  Anyway this lady white as snow, standing before me, skin so white, hair white like Emmylou Harris.  Standing before me in a white dress, like she's waiting on a cue or something.  Waiting to say "I Do", not sure how I know that but it's like I can read her mind or something.  Her hands I notice are clasped tight.  She looks very scared. I look into her brain again and read her thoughts, she's thinking will he love me, will he want me, "In sickness and in health".  Then the music starts and this man comes towards her in black, almost the black and white colors of the two mix together in words spoken together. I listen hard to try and understand the words, but it's almost like they are in another language.  I'm still there reading their minds or something, when I finally decide to look at the groom in black, I look and I see myself in a black tux.  I start looking around the room and see a big pool in the back of the reception room.  I look at the groom who is me and this woman in white and just run towards the pool and jump in.  I see a light while I'm swimming underwater and I swim towards it, when I'm right there at the light I decide to come up for air and to see this beautiful light when I hit air I wake up.  Another dream.  I've been thinking about it all day.  I'm still wondering what it means.  My dreams are so lucid now.  I really need to start writing them down every night.


alphawoman1 said...

Wow. I would be thinking about that dream all day too.  You did not mention how the dream made you feel when you woke....?

deveil said...

When I woke up, i was happy and in awe, I almost saw the light, i was just one breath away from seeing the light clearly.  The lady in white still confuses me, not sure what she meant to me, unless it was just something pure; bride, white.

gbgoglo said...

Your description of being in the pool and seeing the light is very similar to  what some people coming out of a coma or who have had near death experiences, describe.  Very interesting dream, D.  I would love to hear jojolona's input on this one.  Blessings...gloria