Friday, July 2, 2004

Rough day, not much longer till the weekend

Sometimes it doesn't take much to get us down, does it? An unkind remark from a friend, a funny sound in your car, a financial setback, or a rough day at work can put a cloud of doom and gloom over everything, even on our sunniest day. You know you should be enjoying it, but everything clouds your vision and seems to be against you, making simple tasks a struggle. I'm speaking from experience. What do you do when you get down? I could give you a list a mile long of things I've done in the past. I love reading my internet friend's Barbpinion I read it and I feel her faith. So now I try to look up and trust God to take care of me and see me through it however hard it may feel at the time. I think when we look up and focus on God, something good happens. We get our eyes off ourselves and gain a new appreciation of Him. Just try it folks, the next time your feeling blue, look up. He loves you! There's a purpose for our trials. Yes, life seems unbearable at times. Just don't let it keep you down. Just keep talking to Him. How does that saying go? "When life knocks you to your knees, you're in a good position to pray." I can't remember who wrote that one.


musenla said...

I think we all go through days like this, and when it happens I think it's important that we are good to ourselves:  seek out things or people that make you feel good or give you pleasure.  Not in that fleeting, temporary way, but in a way that lifts your spirits and makes you glad you're alive.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how we are truly blessed in so many ways during those days when we feel the walls closing in around us.  Thank goodness those days do pass and we know better than to see life through a glass darkly.

Btw, I'm late but congrats on making the Weekly Top Five last week.  =P

indigosunmoon said...

"When life knocks you down, thats a good position to pray"  Great way of thinking!
I read Barb's journal too.  I just love her!

barbpinion said...

Derek, my friend, what an honor to read this entry. It pleasures me to know my entries lift others up. I wish to tell you that this entry lifted me up today. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns ...but when all is said and is exactly as it is supposed to be. thanks for this entry, for being YOU, for taking time out to check in on how I'm doing sometimes. Take care of yourself. I am still not feeling my best but am better than yesterday. God bless you, dear one.  *Barb*