Monday, July 5, 2004

Senior 1986

Remo double dog dared us to post our senior of course I had to take the dare.  This is me.  Class of 1986!  I was a lifeguard the summer before my senior year and my hair was so bleached out, wow I had hair.  Now I have more hair growing out of my ears than I do on my head.


indigosunmoon said...

::Thud::  What a handsome guy!
Too bad about the hair though.  It happens.
Love ya anyway!
Smooch on the nose!

barbpinion said...

WOW! Very handsome. Thanks for sharing this photo of yourself. *Barb*

robinngabster said...

Whooo hoooo! I wish I was a single gay man! <wink, wink> You look so eighty's in that pic! I miss the 80's! Big hair...lots of make-up...ho hum. Maybe I will dig out my senior pic...  Love your journal! Gonna add you to my list if that is okay with you.

eggneck1 said...

Wow!  I remember the day you had that one made!  At least you don't look like the nerd that I do in mine!


lamove04 said...

Can I carry your books? ;-)  Albert

alphawoman1 said...


khay6809 said...

Wow ... I seem to have missed out on all the nostalgic fun while on vacation! I'm gonna have to go dig up my old senior portrait too ... Class of 1986 also ... from St. Augustine High School. Be on the lookout for more bleached blondes soon :-)
~ Kelly
By the way ... cute picture!

jaantoo1 said...

Hi Derek, I just had to jump in here and tell you that i heard getting old wasn`t for sissy`s.. I can attest to that...Ha-Ha.. I was looking at us and came across this site.. You was such a cutie when you were young.. But of course we all were..Ha-Ha..
Gotta run.,
God Bless,