Monday, July 5, 2004

The fireworks

This was the only picture that turned out from the fireworks show, I should of known to have back up batteries.  Dinner was nice yesterday.  I grilled chicken, made corn on the cob, a nice salad, and butterbeans Sherry brought me from home that she had put up.  Ms. Bette brought a blackberry cobbler and ice cream.  When did I get so domesticated.  The fireworks were beautiful but always seems they are over before they started.  I've always loved fireworks.  Since I was a little boy.


stacy1tbkl said...

It like girlscout cookies.   They come once a year, we anticipate them and then they are gone for another year.  I have NEVER gotten a fireworks picture to come out for me.  So with ONE, you are doing better than me. ....LOL

alphawoman1 said...

I love the fireworks too.  Been a long time since I have seen up close the real thing.  

gbgoglo said...

Awesome Picture!