Saturday, July 3, 2004

Cousin Vicki's Day before July 4th Pool party

Well today was nice.  Went over to my cousin Vicki's house for a little pool party.  Our grandmother's were twins.  I'm sure Mema would be very happy to know that we are still so close.  We had fun in the pool as you can see Linda floating.  Picture two is of Linda, my old roomate Sherry who drove down from Atlanta for the fourth and couisin Vicki on the right  We grilled burgers and hotdogs and had some wonderful homemade potato salad.  And spent the evening singing karoki.  They got a lot of it on video, so I may put the one of me singing Elivis's "Little Sister".  That's a song I grew up singing.  It was nice being around family.  My other cousin Michelle and Jel came too.   Can't wait till the fireworks tonight.  I live right by where they are having them on the beach, well I'm a couple blocks off, but they should be beautiful.  Bette's coming up and Mike, she, and I are going to cook up some chicken.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe fourth!


indigosunmoon said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!

barbpinion said...

Would love to see the fireworks from the beach. But no matter where I see them it will remind me of how blessed I am, how blessed we all are, to live in America.
Happy 4th, dear one. **Barb*