Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Imagination and my dream

I’ve always been told I have a great imagination.  I remember being told this from an early age.  Imagination sure does rule the world.  I mean just think about this for a minute. The things we have today are the result of someone’s imagination.  Scalzi writes about these gadgets all the time: Ipods, GPS navigation, angioplasty, robot for defense, etc, well I havn’t seen him write on angioplasty yet.  All these things are all the results of someone’s dreams, I have friends who are living there dreams.  That had an idea and ran with it.  They are living it.  How’s the saying go:


"Work hard, and it will work out, or be OK."


I’ve always told myself everything will be ok, I think I’ve always told everyone else that too.  I guess that’s true and false all in the same sentence.  It works out, maybe not the way we want but it always works out.  Seems like for years, no it doesn’t seem, I have worked for many years in a job that I really enjoy, I’m good at it, but it’s not my dream.  I can pay my bills, I can save a bit now.  And hopefully do some things from time to time that are out of the ordinary.  I want Mike and I to take a nice trip next year somewhere.  I want us to save for something better.  I also have dreams for me.  For something Bigger.  I know that will mean work harder, doing and not trying.  I’m trying to visualize it.  Talk to me J-Land.  Tell me your dreams.  I’d love to hear about some.  Mine has to do with my photography.  I want to design a website for my art and photography.  I want to get more talented.  I want to stir emotion.  Somedays I feel like a slave to the corporate world.  I have imagination! Atleast that’s what I’ve been told, time to believe in it.  Time to launch my ideas.  Time to do.  Keep me in your prayers!  Who knows maybe one day I will have some picture in TIME magazine.  I dream big huh?  I’ll post my website on here as soon as I get it done.






judithheartsong said...

I have complete faith in you my friend. For the first time in forever I am living a dream.... of being LOVED...... of painting every day, for me....... allowing myself to FEEL everything.
I so want you to be happy.

csandhollow said...

Keep the dream going!

eynl said...

I know you will get there, for those who dream see the future.  Those who imagination runs wild keeps the pace of those dreams.  

gabreaelinfo said...

You can do it!