Thursday, June 16, 2005

One year ago today in my journal

I was going back a year to see what was going on in my world a year ago.  Funny thing I was going back and having memories of yesterday.  I seem to look back a lot.  I don't live there but I sure like to visit.  A year ago I was writing about the songs of the humpback whales.

Today I'm feeling like a whale, I havn't been running or exercising like I was.  So my body is feeling like, well just out of shape.  It's summertime too.  So I've got to make some changes, start eating right, and put some aerobics in my life.  If its just walking.   I'm searching for thought to write about but my mind feels empty, so I'm grasping at things.  I think I'll just take the night off and watch some television.  Mike's cooking some baked chicken.  It's smelling good too.  Didn't I say something about a diet.


dcmeyer420 said...

Sounds good. Middle age is catching up on me and I also need to change my lifestyle drastically.  I need some motivation to get out and exercise and cut the cookies, ice cream and cheesecake out of my diet.  

indigosunmoon said...

We had lemon grilled chicken tonight!
It was so good!!!

eternallife23 said...

That seems to be the J-land talk lately, diets and fitness. How funny. Tell Mike to send me some chicken I am hungry. *Louise*

gbgoglo said...

I like to visit the past, too.  I rather enjoy looking back at where I've been and how far I've come.  Baked chicken...yummy!  Sounds like Mike is a good cook!  Hugs to you, both!