Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sleepy Sunday

We got up late and went to church.  Mike and Tony  met us there.  It was a good sermon as usual, Pastor Linda always speaks from the heart.  Today it was definately from the heart.  She read from her diary a year ago the day before her first day at our church.  All the wonders and hopes for our church and congregation.  We had lunch with Alan, Susan, and her afterwards.  Good food, good company.  Then we got home, I guess I was a little ill, not sure, but Mike and I got into a little bit of a spat, over something silly.  It's always something silly it seems.  But I do love him.  I hope he knows how much!  Something else pretty wonderful has happened.  I got an email from one of my cousins that has recently come out to his family.  I can only say it feels really good talking to him, and conversing with him on the phone and through emails.  Our grandfather's were brother's.  O.K. Jland prayers and good thoughts going out to him.  Glad our path's have crossed.  Can't believe it's Monday tomorrow already.  At least fourth of July weekend is coming up.  Three day weekend!


barbpinion said...

Love the title to this entry. It's pretty much how my day went too, except no spat. They are always over something silly, aren't they? Hope it smoothed itself out quickly. Hugs, Derek. Barb-

joolsinwa said...

LOL Pastor Linda?? OK  um  interesting LOL
~ Julie~

gabreaelinfo said...

Nice to see you had a nice weekend.


judithheartsong said...

great big hugs all around. judi