Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let Him move the stone



I was reading my entry I had written about one of my ancestors, and re-reading it.  Something hit me that didn’t hit me when I had written it, it hit me over the head like the rock she was trying to move.  I thought about the stone that God moved, not the one she was wanting to move that had blocked the way.  But the one of His burial place.  I remember something about the women going there to anoint his body were worried about the difficulty of moving  the heavey stone that sealed His tomb.  But their fears were groundless.  It had already been moved.

So I started thinking, this is what she meant when she was talking about He will move the Stone, she was actual talking from scripture.  I’m sure the bible was probably something read a good bit. 

Makes me think of how we think of the difficulties so much in our lives, but each one can be overcome.  I remember when I was asked if I could have one thing what would I want when I was a little boy.  Well besideslots of spaghetti and paper to draw on.  It was faith.  I would say it, because I actually heard it in a sermon.  But now I think of it and I know that’s what we have to have.  So just like my great great great great grandma Rebecca Paulk said “God will move the Stone!”  So whatever it is that seems to be blocking the way, let your heart be cheerful, whatever difficulty you may face, “God will move the Stone”,  why because my 4 great granny said so.


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He was Right!