Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Who's afraid out there?

I have a friend that his favorite saying is “I’m so tired of being tired, that I’m tired”.  We joke him all the time.  I also have a cousin that is very protective and always watches where she is, I once had her in the car, and was going to stop in get gas on the seedy part of town.  Before I got out of the car, she grabbed me and said no.  Don’t get out of the car, it looks dangerous.  I told her I’m not afraid, and she said well I am, would you mind going somewhere else.  So I did, but I did tell her she was so afraid of being afraid that she was afraid.  I guess sometimes even in life we have to admit that sometimes we become afraid or fearful-about dying, about getting cancer, about losing our mind, about losing our job,  about our family getting in trouble, about getting older.  I could go on and on.  We don’t like to confess it, so we ignore, deny, or repress those fears.  But to overcome our fear, we must first acknowledge it.  We can conquer our fears.  To admit that we are afraid is to admit that we are human.  But to admit being afraid and then trusting in something greater and going forward will take the fear out of the fear.  What’s the saying?  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


barbpinion said...

We're all afraid of something, aren't we? But fear only has as much power as we give it, and it's never from GOD. Hugs, Derek.

pattboy92 said...

Thank you, Derek.  This is an important reminder that I badly needed today.


gabreaelinfo said...

You are right!


gbgoglo said...

Fear is more for the young.  After you reach a certain age and you've lived life, there's very little to fear anymore.  So, as you age, you have less and less fears.  
I still have fears like I'm afraid of heights, closed in situations, crowds, stuff like that.  I think a normal amount of fear is normal.  Fear kicks in creativity.  Hero's are born out of fear.  Good entry, Derek.

csandhollow said...

I know I still have some fears. But I try to not let them overwhelm me.

deabvt said...

" To Grow Is To Be Anxious "