Monday, June 27, 2005

Railroad Tracks

I remember as a little boy of five or six standing on the railroad tracks, thinking that these tracks go over the entire world.  I thought back then it even went over the Ocean.  I used to fantacize about a world out there beyond the country.  I used to stand in the tracks and wonder if it went to the Ocean.  Now I think about those same railroad tracks.  The iron road across the United States.  I think about those Native American's as they watched there land be changed.  I also think of being a teenager and wanting to jump on one of those trains and an adventure.  It was always about an adventure.  Guess it still is.  I wonder what Autumn was thinking on these tracks? 


joolsinwa said...

railroad tracks have always meant a lot to me, the railroad employed many generations of my family and was our way of life for most of my life, I love trains!

csandhollow said...

I used to dream of hoping a train and going away.