Thursday, June 9, 2005

Nice Day

Well, can't complain it was a beautiful day.  Got a lot done, our bellsouth fast access modem came today also, but havn't got it hooked up yet.  The place looks great.  Got all the furniture where we want, and did a lot of cleaning up.  We had our first visitor tonight our Pastor came by and talked to us.  It was a really nice visit.  We are both going to become members of the church.  I feel really good about it.  Well I'm very sleepy so I think I'm going to hit the hay.  More later.  I got Mike's birthday present today.  I hope he likes it.  Mike's neck is doing much better, and so is my back, thanks for all the prayers and thoughts out there in J-Land.


Sweet Dreams!


joolsinwa said...

Have a great rest and another wonderful day!!!!!
~ Julie~

indigosunmoon said...

I wish we could get DSL out here in the sticks where I live.
Glad Mike is doing much better!  Things sound like they
are going great for you sweetie!
That's just great!
Love ya,