Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Monday assignment

Your Monday Photo Shoot -- Wish You Were There

Let's engage in a little daydreaming for this week's photo shoot, shall we?

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show a picture of the place you wish you could be right now. Vacation spot, old neighborhood, a friend's house -- wherever it would nice to be right htis instant, grab a picture from your archives and show us.

I wish I was back at Cades Cove, actually I wish I could live there.  There's just something about places like this.  I can breath easier, no anxiety, just peace.


ksquester said...

How peacfull..........no fences.....the kind we see and the kind we don't see.   Anne

joolsinwa said...

very cool, reminds me of Tillamook, OR
~ Julie~ http://journals.aol.com/joolsinwa/randommusingsofmymind

deabvt said...