Friday, November 11, 2005

Back at work today


Well here I am back at the grindstone, that Phenergan really wiped me out yesterday, I think I slept like 14 hours.  But at least I'm well enough to be back at work.  Still feeling a little funny on my stomach, but it's much better today.  I can smile.  But boy am I ready to be home already.  Thank goodness it's been kind of slow today, most Fridays are.  Not a lot planned for the weekend, Mike and are supposed to take a class on Sunday and two other Sunday's about being a new member of our church.  He got some movies for us to watch tonight.  I hope I'm feeling well enough to go for a run tomorrow the weather was so nice the past two days and I was trapped inside which I hated.  Everyone have a great weekend, and thanks again for all the well wishes.  I spoke to my mom today since she's off for Veterans Day.  Nothing like a talk with Mama when your feeling bad.


illini1991 said...


Glad to hear you're getting better. Today I took a break from City Hall work to attend a dedication for the new Memorial Plaza. Part of it contains the names of all people from the community who died in all wars. Most disheartening was the lone person listed for the "War on Terrorism." David was a great guy. But the weather was beautiful for November. It's about 60. I wish I could have a talk with my Mama. Mom and Dad went to Paris on Monday and I still have not heard from them. I understand much of the violence is happening in the outer suburbs, but I am still worried. Thank God for Guy! Have a restful weekend!


mechants said...

Moms are the best medicine, aren't they? Glad you're a little better. TGIF!


deabvt said...

Feel better!

indigosunmoon said...

Mom's are the greatest when your sick!
I wouldn't take anything for my own mom.
Feel better soon Derek!
Love you!

lacaza3 said...

yep no matter what age you boys are us mommas can always make it better
Donna In TEXAS