Monday, November 28, 2005

More thoughts

Thought I'd share my Thanksgiving.  I was lucky enough to get off early on Wednesday, so I made it home earlier than I had expected.  When I got there, the whole crew was there.  Dena was at Sherry's with Autumn, Eli, and Ethan.  I brought a soccer ball, some matchbox cars for Eli, a barbi watch for Autumn, and a little sound machine for Ethan.  When I got in the house, and mentioned to Eli that I got him a little matchbox car he said lets go get them.  We all played in the yard for hours, soccer and making up new games.  Then we followed Autumn as she wanted to play Follow the leader.  Even Ethan played.  I took a few random shots of them that day.  We all stayed up late, and played and ate.  Then got up the next day and went to my dad's for Thanksgiving.  All the food was delicious.  I took the kids out in the cotton fields and we all played outside.  Then I took Autumn to mom and Ray's and we spent the night out there, and watched movies.  I was awaken by the smell of breakfast cooking, and oh what a pleasant smell that was.   Andy came by later and brought Eli, and I took them on a few adventures.  Mama and me took them for a little walk too before I headed back over to Sherry's.  Grabbed a quick nap, and then we got ready and went over to Gina and Andrew's who had our whole family over for Thanksgiving.  A lot of wonderful food again.   Gina was so nice to have us all over there.  Cousin Christy and her husband Bobby came over and little Taylor Grace.  We had a housefull, Sherry took the kids over and roasted marshmellows on the fire, I think she ate more than the kids though.  The whole time spent with family just flew by as it always does, I always have to leave when I feel so at home.  Autumn tore my heart out with tears when I left.  She didn't want Uncle Derek to go.     I made it back home, Mike was working but made it home.  We joined the church on Sunday morning.  It turned out to be a bit of a stressful day that day.  Sometimes Mike and I just seem to bicker no matter how hard we try not too.  I dreamed last night I saw him as a little boy, and I saw myself as a little boy, those two little boys got into a fight, it was a strange dream because I could feel what both little boys were feeling.  I saw my little boy trying to make up, and say I'm sorry but his little boy just felt bitter, refusing to listen, turning on some music so he would not have too.  Then bedtime came and Little Mike couldn't go to sleep, he stayed up stewing over things, perplexed and confused.  Then my mama came to my little boy and offered a big hug, his mama came to him, and he crossed his arms not letting her hug him.  Then I woke up.    When I woke up I thought of many things, but most of all I was thankful.  I was thankful with my time with my family, thankful for all that I've been given.  Thankful that I have been forgiven.  Knowing I am forgiven.  I also find my heart being much more forgiving as well.  I think by forgiveness is the only way we can let go of any anger we may hold. 


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cubbycub said...

I agree with your last sentence.

jojolona said...

Ahhh!  a dream, you know I can't resist.

The two little boys, respresent the obvious, your inner child.  
The fight, past, present conflicts.
The fact that you could feel both child's feeling means you believe that you have grown up, you have emcompassed empathy.  
His resistance to comfort, his lack of feeling your child's empathy, means you feel he hasn't grow emotionally or maturally since that age. So nice to stop by and see ya!

gdireneoe said...

I've caught up on you now.  So glad you were able to be with your family...I can see how much they mean to you.  Love the dream info too...I have always been intrigued by psychological mumbo jumbo.  I noticed that several of your pics aren't showing in your entries...bummer. ;)  C.

onemoretina said...

    Sounds as though you have been blessed with a wonderful family.  If the time flies while you are together, then you truly enjoy being with each other.  This is so refreshing to hear, knowing there are so many families who are at odds with each other. Life passes by so quickly, we need to appreciate what we have in one another.  Tina

tillysweetchops said...

Hello Derek,

There's nothing like a warm, wonderful and supportive family. It sounds like you have truly been blessed. I'm so glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving amongst those you love.

What a perfect uncle you are!!! I can tell the children adore you. I'm sure they'll remember you joining in with Follow My Leader forever!

Tilly xx