Thursday, November 10, 2005

Maybe my feeling of the blues were just linked to the fact that I was getting sick, or maybe me getting sick is tied to having the blues, not sure which.  I've been sick the last two days and havn't gone to work.  My head hurt so bad yesterday that I was having bad nausea.  I got up this morning and told Mike to get in the bed, he slept on the couch since I was so sick, so I told him to go get in the bed and get some sleep before he has to go to work.  So now I'm relaxing on the couch.   Well the computer screen is getting kind of blurry so I think I will go lay back down.  Hope to write some today if I can, maybe I need to just do it with pen and paper.  I hate being like this and being stuck on the couch or in the bed. 


tillysweetchops said...

Having a bad case of the blues can also lower your immune system so it's no wonder you're feeling physically ill too.  Take it easy at home for a few days and see how you feel then.

Tilly x

rap4143 said...

Feel better!!!!!

mechants said...

Oh man, I really hope you feel better! Get well soon!


joolsinwa said...

aaawww get better soon baby! ((( Derk))

illini1991 said...

Good Morning, Derek!

As a follow-up to our conversation we had yesterday, I'm glad to hear that the feeling of the blues has more to do with the fact that you may be getting sick. I felt bad sharing good news when you were "under the weather." I hope you are on the mend!


mccine said...

I sure hope you feel better.

shermeen0621 said...

I'm only saying this to you cause its what everyone was saying to me when i was sick not too long ago ... go to the doctors!
lol! but only if you think its something more than a regular cold and fever. my boyfriend's not too well at the moment, he's been stuck home the past few days and dragged his cute hiney into work today so he can keep earning money. but i don't know if you're like him (smiles) he can be very cutely dramatic. but hopefully his body will fight the bug and he'll be back to his usual self soon.

i really hope that you start feeling better. take care of yourself.
shermeen xx

stop by my journal sometime;
or my handsome even when sick boyfriends;

gdireneoe said...

We have had the malaise together then...let's make tea. ;)  C.

dcmeyer420 said...

Get well soon, Derek. I have a bad case of colds too. Get some rest and a lot of fluids. Here some hugs too--->((()))).

nightmaremom said...

Aaaww hon, feel better soon!  I hear ya with the sniffles etc, surely hope I didn't give it to you.  Theraflu drink before bed does wonders!  Hugs!

cubbycub said...

Buddy..I am so sorry you are sick..something is going around..hit me hard too and Not feeling better yet...Feel better soon though.