Saturday, November 5, 2005

Child in the Dark

Last night in my dreams I saw a child that child was me, he was embracing himself against the dark. He knows not why, nor imagines why. He only acknowledges the existence and the "feel of things" to come. He waits...He waits... He waits for the reality that will knowing come, He knows it will come...with a vengence and a rage, it will come, and he waits...   Life without pain, He waits... For neither shame nor sorrow He waits... He waits for the scars to heal, They are deep, The soul was wounded, And it lies there bleeding, until it too will come, with a vengence and a rage masked by duty. Oh, Yes!  It too shall come.   Muffled voices fall on a muted, numb brain, but he feels the tension.. he knows, Anticipation crushes his chest... and he knows. Oh God!  Please!  But he knows. Fear grips his eyes as it turns them to liquid. Light suddenly and blindly explodes the room It has come.   Somewhere tonight a child sleeps, curled inside himself.  He tries to reach the womb, nine months without pain, no sorrow, not tears. For in the womb there was comfort and peace.   The child will find much in this world, pain and sorry, joy and love. So for now he waits... and dreams of gossamer wings that will fly him to peace and a life without pain... He waits.   by Derek  


A few years ago I had a conversation about a book "The Celestine Prophecy"  It was a interesting book, that I really enjoyed at the time I read it,  there was a section about we choosing the life we are born into, and my friend told me he thought he didn't want to be born, that he was sad in his inbetween place, and although he still had to come back because there was things he still hadn't learned.  I had a dream last night and saw a child in the dark, although the child was me not him.  I saw him in the dark, then I saw a light coming, and thought about birth.  I finally wrote something with the word gossamer wings, I've heard that in so many poems and always wanted to use it.  So now I finally have.     


gdireneoe said...

Derek this is beautiful.  We have all had an occasion when we needed to get back to the safety and protection of the womb.  Awesome. ;)  C.

deabvt said...

Derek; excellent!