Thursday, November 3, 2005

Mysteries of Yesterday


of marble

shattered, lying in

 the dust of centuries.  

Statues, once

wreathed in magnificence.

contained of holiness,

lie toppled,


awaiting eternity.  

Upon a hill,

a temple,

long since stripped

of splendor,

material and ethereal,

stands in ruins


A mystery left in our minds...


gdireneoe said...

Wow...when you write.  Love this. ;)  C.

onemoretina said...

Wonderful description !  I liked this .... Tina

tillysweetchops said...

This was great Derek. It really stirred something in me. I wanted to turn Time Detective and follow each monument from glorious birth to dusty decline. You're right, the past is wreathed in such mystery - fascinating.

...And wonderfully written.

Tilly x

cubbycub said...

I like how you write!!!