Sunday, November 27, 2005

Walk down a dirt road

We went for a walk down the dirt road and we saw an old well out in the middle of some land, we walked up to it and checked it out. I wonder about the hand that laid brick for brick for their drinking water. Then I looked up and saw Autumn and mom looking at some birds flying over, perfect shot. Now Eli wasn't too fond of the well as you can see when mom tried to pick him up and show him the well.  We kept going and came upon a dropoff with a pond.   Autumn and Eli enjoyed throwing rocks in the water.  We asked them what kind of animals were out there and they told us everything from alligators to lizards and fish.  No alligators but plenty of the other I'm sure.


cubbycub said...

Love Kids imaginations and their vivid thoughts..Takes you back and it is such a great feeling!!!

joolsinwa said...


rivercitygirl1 said...

Awesome photos.  Where are the cotton fields located.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.