Saturday, November 12, 2005

Inside Myself

I wrote this poem, I think I've shared on here before called Inside Myself, I went looking today at art galleries and diffrent places, and when I saw this it reminded me of the poem I wrote.  The artist is Jennifer Woodall.  She wasn't there today when I got it, but I did get her email so I plan on checking with her what the painting meant to her, I found it very interesting.  Here's the poem I wrote.

Inside Myself

by Derek

Lost inside myself, reaching out to the universe. What will I learn?

Pictures in frames have changed with time, evidence of my journey, faces in trees that were meant to GUIDE ME.

I stand outside alone at night, close my eyes and feel something that surrounds me, it is then my spirit hears their voices, rise out of the darkness.  A sigh in the trees. "Our eyes are the stars that shine".  "Our love is the moonlight that gently whispers the night."  "Our hope for you fills each glorius dawn with light". "Our pride in all you have done, gives color to every sunset." 

Am I looking into the eyes of my ancestors, realizing I am on the path I was meant to take all along.  I'm no longer inside myself, I'm finding my guiding stars more beautiful than any other in this vast sky.


I thought this painting really went well with my poem.  Will be interesting to see what the painting meant to her.  As you may be able to tell, I'm feeling much better.  It's a beautiful day today, I'm sitting here windows open, listening to Elisa Korenne.  It sure is good to be feeling so much better.  I found out about chemo angels through my friend Chris over at

this entry tells you a little about it.  It's such a great organization, just wanted to tell everyone about it since Chris shared it with me, thought maybe someone would see it and take an interest.


eynl said...

This painting IS interesting and could be viewed in lots of ways.  I do like your poem with it thoug. It really does seem to go with it.

deabvt said...

Derek, I`m glad you`re feeling better!

mechants said...

Wow, that was very touching and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the painting.