Friday, March 11, 2005

Autumn and the wave

The Missing...


A grandmother was walking along on the beach with her young grandson when a giant wave washed over the beach. She looked and her grandson was gone, carried away by the wave.

She fell down on her knees and began praying vigorously.

"Lord PLEASE send my grandson back! PLEASE!!!"

In the next few seconds another giant wave washed over the beach and there lie her grandson, stunned but otherwise fine.

The grandmother looked at him then looked up to heaven and said,


"He was wearing a hat!"

I read this and it reminded me of a story, I may have told it before. but Autumn had come to visit me at the beach and we were enjoying a beautiful day on the beach, and Autumn with me will go out pretty far as long as she's on my shoulders.  Well we were out a good ways when I saw this wave coming and I knew it was going to hit hard, and she was going to get wet, so I just held on, well the wave was harder than I thought and it knocked us both hard and I even went down, I jumped up and she was nowhere in sight, my heart stopped, and in a flash I said God help me, I just put my hand down in the water in front of me and up she came, she was the first thing that hit my hand, it was all a flash but seemed like a lifetime.  I pulled her up and the first thing she said was "Everything went green", a little in shock we walked back to the shore, her back on my shoulders.  When we got to shore she looked up at me and said "I think that wave wanted me."  I was just happy it gave her back!  I think this was one of the scariest moments in my life.  And it only lasted less than 10 seconds.



gbgoglo said...

The scariest moments in life are usually measured in seconds.  We couldn't handle them if they were any longer.  Most of my scariest moments usually involved my children or friends children... Hugs, gloria

judithheartsong said...

so glad you and she both were all right. judi

onestrangecat said...

i am so glad that your wave experience turned out ok.  Autumn is a beautiful little girl.


nhd106 said...

How scary!  Treasure her...   Nancy

deabvt said...

"I think that wave wanted me."
Wow, out of the mouths of babes!