Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Morning

I got up earlier today than usual, probably because all I've done is sleep for a week it seems, I feel much better, although I can tell I'm still not 100%.  Wish  I'd gotten that flu shot now.  I hear the birds singing outside, Mike snoring on the inside, but mostly it's just quiet, the way I like it.  It seems I rarely get my quiet times as much as I used too, and I sure miss them.  I think I feel good enough to go take a run today,  I had planned on this past Monday to start back but I guess my body wasn't quite ready, maybe it needed more healing from the gate river run than I thought.  Blessings going out to everyone this weekend.  May you all rejoice in the triumph of the Lord on Easter!

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deabvt said...

Take it easy!
Happy Easter!