Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Our little Butterfly

Over at Judi's http://journals.aol.com/judithheartsong/newbeginning/    The subject for the essay will be:


How Autumn Got Butterfly Wings

Once Upon a time in an enchated city in the clouds there was a lovely princess named Autumn who loved to wander far from the palace in billowy clouds, by getting on the slide that took her down into her father's beautiful botanical gardens on Earth.  She loved the palace on the clouds and her father.  But she also enjoyed the nature of this garden on this place her father called Earth.  There she would find something natural to catch her fancy and sit for hours enjoying it, there was no color in her kingdom, everything was white.  Whether it be playing in the lily pad pond with it's beautiful flowers growing up out of the water, or just resting in a meadow with a gentle breeze blowing or playing with the  little animals she loved, all of them so magical and beautiful.

One day the beautiful princess happened upon a sparkling pond, in the garden surrounded by gnarled trees covered with hanging moss. Full of lily pads that she so loved. So she found the biggest one she could find and she decided to take off on an adventure. The entire area was shadowed in silence as much as it was shadowed from the sun. It struck her as a magical place and she entered quietly so as not to disturb the profound silence.

The pond was a lovely blue, littered with lily pads, birds of exquisite colors sang in the trees as if welcoming her, and, perhaps best of all, were all the flowers and fragrances and colors of violet and yellow, in the mist of all the abudance of life. The princess climbed onto one of the lilypads and decided to take off on an adventure. As she glided over the beautiful pond with the blooming flowers coming from the water underneath her lilypad, she was overcome with happiness. Then she saw it, this beautiful little ladylike creature, delicate with great big beautiful wings of all colors. Could this be an angel like she had heard of in her kingdom in the clouds. So beautiful!  In her mind she knew she wanted wings like that. How easy it would be to fly from flower to flower, and she wouldn't have to worry about that long climb back up the stairs when she heard her father calling her. She still would enjoy the slide down and when she got to the bottom she could fly off.

The princess climbed off the lily pad on an island in the middle of the pond and sat on the cool grass overlooking the pond and the beauty of this garden on Earth. She was overcome by the beauty of it all, and also the beauty was overcome with her beauty. The big fish with the little moustaches swam carelessly beneath her, and swam up to spash her, she saw little heads peaping out from shelllike colors all over. And over on a lilypad much like hers she noticed a green creature with big eyes on a lily pad almost as green as he was. She decided to smile at the creature with the big eyes that were looking at her so intently, almost questioning her.Preview

As soon as she smiled, in one big jump the green creature was right next to her, it was so quick it almost took her breath away, what strong legs he must have. With wonder the creature asked, "What are you", in a strange sounding voice. "I am princess Autumn, from the castle in clouds", Who are you?"  she said almost laughing. "I am Frog, magical king of the lilypads, he said in his deep voice. She laid back on the green grass beneath her hair and laughed whole heartedly, never hearing the sound or hearing this thing called a Frog made her laugh, and laugh hard. The king frog dove lightly into the water near her after hearing this sound that he had never heard, this beautiful sound. She looked at him with her big sky blue wide eyes. "Thank you for that sound", I've never heard anything as beautiful, as I said I'm a magic frog, and for that sound I will grant you one wish".

In her heart she already knew her wish! She said, "I want wings like those beautiful creatures", pointing to the little ladylike delicate flying. He said, "Oh the butterfly", why of course I can grant you that wish." All of sudden she felt a flutter in her back, and out from her back sprung these beautiful butterfly wings. In wide eyed amazement she looked at king frog and thanked him because this is just what she had wanted on her trip to this little island on the pond when she firstsaw this beautiful thing he called a butterfly. "No! Thank you said king frog, for your beauty, and your sound. Before she knew it King frog had jumped away from lily pad to lily pad, until she couldn't see him anymore. The sun shone down on her and she saw a rainbow, her little wings knew it was time to fly! Up and away she went! Flying through the colors of the rainbow and sliding down the other side, and flying over the water as she hit the bottom of the rainbow slide. She flew from flower to flower tasting a little of each one and absorbing the smells. What a wonderful thing these little wings are. She knew she was a princess but all of a sudden she knew what she was born for.

A blinding light filled the clearing, and shone down across the whole garden, and she looked up into the light and her father saw her heart and knew what she wanted. She became a butterfly. She still wore her little crown on her head, and everytime she saw King frog, she flew by and gave him a kiss. Somedays she would still fly to the light so she could see her Father. But he was still with her every day.  





I still couldn't get over how big Autumn had gotten this weekend.  She has really become a little lady.  I was going to put this on my picture of the day Journal http://journals.aol.com/deveil/PictureoftheDay/  but I'm doing the ABC challenge, and I'm on D, I'm going through all my pictures maybe I'll find something else.  Anyway this is a picture I took of Autumn on the beach and put with a picture from the Chinese Garden in Seattle from last year and added some little butterfly wings, since Sherry loves butterflies so much. 


trishaham said...

WOW! What a great picture. And of course, Miss Autumn Butterfly is just adorable.

God Bless.

gbgoglo said...

This is really neat what you did here.  And of course, Miss Autumn is quite the star as usual.  Hugs, gloria

nhd106 said...

Creative and positively a beautiful girl!  nancy

boiseladie said...

Very pretty... love the colors!  Cute girl!  Great photo!

onestrangecat said...

how cute.  you did a wonderful job.  of course you had a great model to work with.


barbpinion said...

Autumn's smile is awesome. Great photo. *Barb*

deabvt said...

Great Pic!

deabvt said...

AND, a great tale!

aiibrat said...

What a lovely story! It's amazing how a wish can be transformed into something so beautiful! -=)

judithheartsong said...

I don't know if you are still tweaking but it is coming beautifully and I just love your dear fairytale with a very magical main character........ oh to have those wings........ judi

dimundntheruf69 said...

loved the story...but the smile on Autumn's face is absolutely PRICELESS!...christie

onestrangecat said...

Love it!!! What a great story.


dcmeyer420 said...

Great story, Derek!  I love the part where she got her wings and realized what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. That is very symbolic, if I may say so myself!

sieblonde said...

A magic tale.. Wonderful!  ~Sie

coy1234787 said...

   Beautiful, magical tale ... what a lucky girl Ms. Autumn is to have someone that loves her enough to write such an outrageous fairytale about her! I hope this story wins!
                          *** Coy ***

cneinhorn said...

love love love the photo of Autumn!  and what a great story Derek!