Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Happy Birthday Dena

I've been sitting here thinking of all the years we've shared and all the wonderful times.  Dena, I can only think of you with love on your birthday and wish you everything that brings you happiness today and always!  Happy Birthday my dear sweet sister.  I hope your day has been special just like you. Your truly blessed.  I'm so happy that Eli won the beautiful baby contest on www.americanbabycontest.com   I'm so glad I entered him in it.  God had really blessed us.  Can't wait till the 11th when they post his picture.  I'm going to enter some of Ethan next time.

I think about our lives, the path's we've taken, day by day , we always take, no one's been there before us.  It's our journey we make.  As we travel this path, and it's crossroads we try. There are side roads and hills really steep and some quite high. Also pitfalls, and tribulations, Just waiting to en-caputrue us so we choose our path's carefully and consider what we should do.   It's built with us to climb every hill, look around each bend, and to always travel right on, Up until the journey's very end.  There are faces to wave you on, and make you happy in every way, yours has always been one of those faces, for me and many others. And a face which will most surely  make us want to really truly stay.  But at the end of this road we leave these all far behind.  That's when the angels are there waiting for us.  Well I think our family was lucky enough to have one while we were here on Earth and that's you.  There are some people that truly make you feel close to Heaven, and  you are one of those people. As children we've shared so many truly good things.  If we turned back time what joy this would bring.  I'm glad that we've shared such special love, family care.  I also thank God for all the wonderful times we share now.  With Ethan, Eli, and Autumn.  Thank you dear Dena for each day we've shared.  This is my special wish, just that this is your special day and one of the best you've ever had, Happy Birthday!

Your big brother Derek

 I love you!



gbgoglo said...

What a loving birthday tribute to your sister.  You are an awesome Big Brother!  Blessings to you and yours...gloria

boiseladie said...

Love the collage!

eynl said...

Derek, this is so nice what you said of your sister and the pictures you put together.  We should all have brothers like you!

my78novata said...

love that quilt Lori