Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What I saw

Sometimes like this morning I wonder how grateful we are for the wonders of the world that God has created for us as our home in time. Even though every time I turn on the television and watch the news I see evil and pain. Even with this I know the world is full of beautiful things that dazzle our senses. Early some mid morning take a walk, mine was just down on the river, this morning it was windy, but I could get a sense of what's coming and looking forward to the summer mornings and their fragrances. I think about all the loveliness in my life this weekend. Autumn here all of us out at the beach, all people I love and care about in the salty air of the Ocean.-a faint glimpse of heaven's glory. Years ago I stood outside on a high snow covered mountain. As far as I could see, all the peaks were covered and glistening with snow. It was an overwhelming spectacle of life and what it has too offer. Beauty much of it is here for us. Beautiful but yet still just a glimpse of heaven's glory. Then there is music, I'm not sure what your favorites are but I feel like I'm in heaven with so many different types of music, even Classical music. Can you imagine what the sound of angels will sound like? I had a beautiful weekend, but guess this morning I'm thinking of something even more beautiful. Something I can't even imagine, but know in my heart to be so much more. I think of how hard it is for some people, even myself to open my heart. There have been so many hurts and pains in our lives, that it's hard. I'm just happy I have so much to enjoy in this life, and look forward to what is after as well. Wish I could sit here and write all day, but I am at work, so better get back to it, Happy Tuesdays to everyone!  Oh and correction to my group rank, not sure why but yesterday when I put in my name it said I was first in my group rank, but I think the website is off, because I found plenty of other 37 year olds with better times than me.  So I wasn't number one in any group, but I finished.  That was all I was wanting to do,  well I wanted to make better time than last year, missed that by 4 minutes, but there is always next year.


gbgoglo said...

Wishing you beautiful thoughts, beautiful sights, beautiful sounds...wherever you go, wherever you are.  Happy Tuesday back at you!  From my heart to yours with great love, gloria

barbpinion said...

Good Morning, Derek, This is a lovely entry, and it makes me happy to know that you focus on the beauty in the world and not the evil and ugly. Life is hard enough without us forgetting all is around us; things to distract us and quiet our spirits for a bit. Proud of you, in case I never said so. Hugs. *Barb*

dimundntheruf69 said...

very nice entry....you could have chosen topics like all of the rest of us that are not quite so pretty...or purty as we say down here....I don' ever really pick a topic...it usually reaches out and grabs me by my typing fingers...and I just say whatever rambling thought that enters my mind....probably to a lot of frustration to the people who try to read and comprehend my journal...anyway...I really enjoyed today's entry....thanks...Christie

onestrangecat said...

the world is filled with beauty, you just have to see it.
so you didn't come in first.  you finished the race and we are proud of you.


deabvt said...

Beautiful !!