Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Storm in my mind

My mind seems to be on trivial things today, it's not busy enough at work today I guess, on my lunch break I had a comic book in my trunk of my car and started to read it, I started laughing, funny how somehow childish trivia can calm my nerves. I've always loved comics since I was little. Another one of my escapes. There's nothing wrong with comic books, and all of us need an occasional escape, books, magazines, and other media are the primary influence on our lives. I'm thinking, yes, that's me too. I'm also thinking how foolish! We have in our hands the Word of Life-the Book that tells us how to know God and live abundantly. I'm ashamed to say I don't read it as much as I've read my comic books lately, which sadens me. Maybe I should make a comic book of bible stories. It's my fault, and something is lacking in my heart since I havn't been picking it up, I should do a internet search on the bible sometime, I'm sure there are many sites with stories out there. I want this to be something I do more of. I want a desire for His word and a hunger to taste His goodness every day. I'm not sure what I'm saying, I do taste all the wonders everyday, I guess I'm just saying, I still feel I'm missing so much, truths and richness of His word, that I still don't understand, gems beyond compare! :) I do own a Bible, so what keeps me from making the time to read it. O.K. Maybe the storm in my mind will pass!


gbgoglo said...

Derek, I have five Bibles and still can't get into any of them.  If you find a site on the internet, please share.  If the WORD was in comic book form or video, I could get into it then.  What gives, with us?  Hugs, gloria

P.S.  I love the pics on the highland games and your hawaiian pics as well.  

onestrangecat said...

i could be wrong, but i bet you could find some comic books at a christian book store.  I have seen where there was an actor that played super hero "bible man" (or something like that
and I bet it came from a comic book.