Thursday, March 10, 2005

Step by Step, Little by Little

I got an email from a internet friend that inspired me. It started with "I believe in one thing in this world...and it is that I control my life by the choices I make.... My talent comes from years of dedicating my time to music, art, photography & good health. No one can give me any of those things but "ME" I hear people giving excusses all the time of why they cant do what they love or they wish they would have gone a diferent route in life. Its never to late to get started and it doesnt come all at once! But as my saying goes... a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.....its up to you to take that 1st step and follow it though the full 1,000 miles and beyond. Make a plan and tackle a little bit each day. Its the only way.....Soon you will be on your way if you realize that your strength and encouragment comes from within yourself!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!"

Pretty inspirational huh. Makes me think of many things, I know I think a litle diffrently, I think of our forefathers and the land they crossed and the hard work they suffered for their family, and also for us. Here we are! What are we going to do. I know I'm the worst about putting things off. There was a story I remember when I was little about a little boy trying to clear a path with his little shovel in front of his house, he was trying to build a mountain or clear something, memory fades me now. But building a mountain sounds good.  Someone saw him a saw what a big task that was involved in doing this and such a little boy trying to accomplish it. So he asked him "How can someone as small as you expect to finish a task big as this?" The little boy looked up at the man and said "Little by little, that's how!" Then he went back to his shoveling. This story comes back because, I'm still doing it little by little, sometimes it may feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I start to think of the little kid in me. Always go back to that little kid huh. Maybe it was the years of Transactional Analysis. I remember how my "adult" self taunted the weak "child". And still does on occasion. Little by little, seems my answers to my questions keep on coming day by day, step by step, little by little.

I'm not lead year by year, or even day by day, but step by step mypath unfolds. Lord help me in my journey.

P.S. And in my run on Saturday!


eynl said...

My luck to you on Saturday also.  :)

my78novata said...

yeah its great. You got a great friend there Lori

deabvt said...

Good Luck, Saturday!!

dcmeyer420 said...

Yes, baby steps are good ways to get somewhere where you want to be without getting scared and discouraged. We all indulge in negative self talk from time to time. It is good that you are realizing that you can be whatever you want to be. Keep on taking those baby steps!

gbgoglo said...

I am learning to enjoy the baby steps.  Much luck on Saturday!  Blessings, gloria

onestrangecat said...

Thanks for sharing.
Thoughts will be with you on Sat.