Thursday, March 31, 2005

Children are the Kingdom of Heaven

When I was in the first grade our 1st grade class, did the play "The Emperor's New Clothes." I don't remember a bunch about it, but I remember our picture being in the paper. This Saturday will be the 200th anniversary of that wonderful storyteller Hans Christian Anderson who told the tales of "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Little Mermaid" The wonderful storyteller to kids everywhere. I grew up a kid that loved to read, I remember these stories, and Hans Christian Anderson was one of my favorites. I also remember the times that I was sick and had to visit the doctor, I remember these children's bible stories. From Adam and Eve all the way to when Jesus's coming back. So I guess I'm reminded that Jesus was a great friend of this child, me also. I remember the story of when the disciples got upset for people bringing their children to Him. And he said "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;for of such is the kingdom of Heaven", it amazes me I remember some of these stories, I think I learned more of the bible from these little children bible's than I have as an adult. This was one of my favorite pictures, I think this is about the time I started drawing women all the time.  Especially since this was supposed to be a picture of the first mother Eve.  Note to self, read your bible. Or just open it more. I think about us now in this age, how we value children. I only had a few people in my life that I really felt thought of me as a person of worth even as a child. My mother and my Papa. My Papa always talked to me like he valued me and my opinion. My aunt Daphne always did that too. I try and do that when I'm home, out of the mouth of babes, I hear it from Autumn and Eli all the time, and am looking forward to Ethan when he gets older also. I love watching them grow up even if it is from afar! Thought just came into my head, how we can have childlike faith when it comes to trusting our father. If I could picture something in my head right now it's of his arms lovingingly wrapped around each one of us like a child, His children! I also think of my little brother, my baby brother that I never got to hold. Many tears I watched my mom cry over him. I remember dreaming of him when I was little, but I can't really remember him, he was born between Sherry and I. I had dreams of holding him, I remember praying when I was little to hold him in my dreams.And in my dreams I held him. But just thinking thinking of a little baby in Heaven, wonder if my Mema and Nana are holding him. I remember so many tears from my mom as a little boy, she would tell me if it wasn't for you, I think my heart would die. But thank goodness she did have me, and then she had Sherry, and then Dena, and then Lance. I still see a fear in her eyes each time, when Autumn, Eli, and Ethan were born. I see her, and she thinks of little Daryl, our little angel that never grew up, that would be a baby angel forever in our hearts. I'll be glad to see him again. Ohh I'm getting kind of meloncholy today. Just random thoughts, lots of them.


mumma4evr said...

WE have that bible story book and have read it to my kids!!!!  great book!!!!

deabvt said...

a little prayer for Daryl.

dimundntheruf69 said...

I remember that story "The emperors new clothes"..I remember that I liked it..and thats about it..i think we have it though....i think I'll find it and read it to my kids...christie