Monday, April 4, 2005

Another dream

A lot of people have been writing about dreams in their journals lately, and I've often thought about just starting a dream journal, because I often have very lucid dreams. Last night I dreamed I was a little boy and I was listening to some preacher shouting loud, waking me up so to speak like many of the preachers did when I was a child. In the dream he was saying, it is the truth because I heard it from the Lord. So of course I believe everything he says like a child, who am I as a child to argue with God. Then I saw my Papa, and it wasn't the Papa I wanted to remember it was the sick Papa, during his last days, the Papa I really didn't let myself see. Because in my minds eyes he was still strong Papa who could do anything. In the dream my Papa was telling me the same thing, that he had been spoken too and he saw him very real in his heart. Then I saw all these famous people, like presidents, and Princess Di, and Shakespere, and some of my favorite artists. All these people dead. But with each of these people their was an image, and when I say image, I mean something that I learned from each one of these people, whether it be, the abolishment of slavery from Lincoln, or world peace, or humanity from Princess Di, or an image from a play that I loved from Shakespere, then the images in some psychic voice told me they are not dead. That they are still alive. So I started seeing better things for our planet. New plays from Shakespere that were never told. The dream started getting foggy there, it was like everything was becoming clear and fuzzy at the same time. I'll have to think more on this. There definitely is an unseen presence in this dream. One I'm still trying to figure out. I hear a message, but not clearly. Where's Jojolona when I need her, I better send her a copy of this dream and see what she says, or better yet, maybe if I just sit on it, it will become clearer.


sasonalmah said...

I had a dream last night that was just the same scenario over and over again.  It was all good, but the same thing happened like 3 times, and then there was an ending.  What is that about?  lol


gbgoglo said...

Gee, Derek... it's as if your dream revealed a "secret window" by which you could observe your past experiences, a knowing that wants to be known, and just enough of a peek into the future to see but not clearly see what lies ahead.  Let me know if you discover the message behind your dream.  Would be interested to know.  Hugs, gloria  

toonguykc said...

I'm no expert, but I don't believe dreams have any significance unless they repeat over and over again.  Dreams are a chance for your brain to cleanse itself and give you a bit of drama at night.  If you do decide to start a dream journal -- please give me the link.    Russ

deabvt said...

It may have something to do with the Pope.