Tuesday, April 19, 2005

John and another Photo Shoot

All right John has given us a Tuesday Photo shoot, Cool.  Our Tuesday Photo Shoot! Earth Day and Renewal

Yes, that's right: This week we're doing two photo shoots, and I'll tell you why: I was talking with some of the AOL Journal folks about possibly doing some Earth Day-themed stuff (as Earth Day is this Friday, don't you know), and it occured to us that Earth Day would be a natural fit for a photo shoot. And so here we are. We think your camera is up to it.

Earth Day is about being environmentally conscious, and as it happens Spring is a great time for that, as the signs of earth's renewing itself make it easy to think about our world and the good things about it. So that's the Photo Shoot: Show signs of the earth renewing itself. This could be as easy as some shots of flowers in bloom, or as imaginative as you'd like to make it.

Over by where I work they plant a little flower garden, on my lunch breaks I walk over there sometimes, I can't believe all the flowers already coming up and how green things have been getting.  I havn't done any planting at all this year.  But I've been feeling it calling me evertime I go to the plant dept of Target or Walmart.   Can't seem to get FTP working tonight so had to post the picture the old fashion way.


toonguykc said...

Very nice photos.  I like to think the best thing I did for Mother Earth was vote against Dubya back in November.  

carolhehe said...

I like old fashion ways my self

eynl said...

nice flowers!

deabvt said...

Very nice!

gabreaelinfo said...

Very Pretty.