Thursday, April 28, 2005


When I was growing up, one of the things my dad always had me watching was “Boxing”, a brutal but manly sport to him, I remember watching it, and never could figure out why two grown men wanted to pound each other in the head until the other one fell.  But to my dad it was the epiphany of manhood.  He used to try so hard to make me a man so young.  I remember him trying to teach me to box,  I remember one Christmas he bought me a whole boxers set, gloves, Ali shorts, boots, and the metal thing he so carefully screwed onto the barn walls, then it was a little trip to the country store where we would blow up that double end bag, he was so excited, more so than me, because all I wanted to do was go back home and do ceramics on my new wheel with clay my Mema got me.  But I went along with him because this is what I was supposed to do.  I remember looking at that double end bag, and thought how he would have me punching this thing for long periods of time, warming me up for being that boxer he dreamed of.  I don’t know if I was praying but all I remember is my dad in all his excitement, started blowing that bag up on one of those old time air pumps, they were as big as gas tanks, that black bag got bigger and bigger, and then all of a sudden I heard the loudest sound, louder than a gun go off, my dad had filled that bag so full that it burst in his hands.  We both jumped so much, I was sure someone had shot us.  But this sudden glee filled me when I saw it was the bag that had busted, and I saw this sadness in my dads eyes, maybe even a tear as his dream was shattered.  Especially when we got back to Mema’s and I got on that pottery wheel and all the creations I made, and the bright blue’s and yellow’s I painted them.  What brought back all these memories today, Well I’m often reading quotes from difffrent people and today’s quote was made by a famous boxer. It’s about Roadwork, he says “you can map out a fight plan or a life plan.  But when the action starts you are down to your reflexes that’s where your roadwork shows.  If you cheated on that in the dark in the morning, You’re getting found out now in the bright lights

~former heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Frazier


So maybe I’m a boxer after all dad!  We all are!


mumma4evr said...

I feel so sad for children who have parents who feel the need to push them in certain directions.  I have friends who tell me I should make my son play sports ...if he doesn't want to, I am not going to make him miserable  doing something he doesn't want to do.  

ksquester said...

Sorry that I laughed when the bag blew up! I do know that people who continually get hit in the head that a greater than average chance of getting Parkinson's. I feel it is brutal also. Anne

theresarrt7 said...

You tell your story wiyh a lot of honesty and guts.  I can feel for your situation and understand why you were so happy when the bag blew.  So many childen go through what you describe.  Good raw material for stories!

eynl said...

I too remember watching boxing when I was younger with my Dad.  Must have been the generation.  Or maybe just times when everyone only had one TV and we had no choice!  lol

deabvt said...

That`s a wonderful story. Joe Frazier had the greatest left hook i`ve ever seen!
I really enjoy your writing, you`ve got the magic! As Rocky Marciano said, when interviewed on his life Philosophy; "Keep Punchin`!!!!"