Monday, April 4, 2005

Forbidden Fruit

I was looking at the picture I posted in one of my entries that beautiful picture of Eve in one of the childrens bible book. So thinking about temptation today, I mean we have all been so close to a temptation that we've lost our persepective. It may have involved something small as a rumor that we knew shouldn't be passed along, but the urge to gossip blocked our sense of love and good judgement. I've also thought of temptations that got me in trouble in the past. I know I thought of Adam and Eve when I did. Because I related to them, because I lost something. When Adam and Eve became so preoccupied with one plant in their garden paradise that they couldn't see the forest for the tree. Just look at what it cost them. The Garden of Eden had been created especially for them. In it they knew no evil, no trials, no sickness, no death. They enjoyed the company of the Creator Himself. Yet they gave up everything they had-just to eat the fruit of that one forbidden tree. Their mistake still plagues us. How often do we miss the whole forest of God's goodness for a single tree, of testing? The moment of temptation seems so overwhelming, the idea so irresistible, our twisted logoic so justifiable. Think about all that Adam and Eve left behind in the Garden. Fill your mind with the truths of His word and rely on the Holy Spirit's moment-by moment guidance and strength. Then you'll experenence the lasting joy of blessings rather than temporary pleasure, that can take away much of the happiness that you may presently hold. Someone told me one time, your response to temptation will make you or break you. I've lost things because of temptation, trust was one of the main things. Something I would never want to lose again. Well it's Monday morning, and what a way to start my day with such deep thoughts. Where is this coming from, I quit smoking Jan 1st, not sure if I mentioned that. I have smoked twice since that day, one night, I felt guilty afterwards and havn't smoked since. I still think that's pretty good since it's April already. The weekend was nice, We went out Friday night with friends, and too a movie on Saturday, Sunday Mike and I had a nice day, he cleaned and we took Abby for a walk to the river. He cooked a wonderful dinner, and we watched our Sunday lineup. Now it's Monday! It's going to be a good day! Hope yours is too!

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