Monday, April 18, 2005

I was reading Gab’s about visualizing, if you havn’t read it check it out, I think it’s a great read, and if we could take time out in our lives to try this, we could do just about anything we set our minds too.  This was a nice weekend, relaxed, went to see Sahara which I loved, very exciting.  I was resting my back most of the weekend, we went over to Mike’s mom yesterday and she cooked a wonderful salmon with rice, cauliflower, and a salad.  Mike and I went to church yesterday, and let me just tell you how great it felt for me.  The church we went to was our first time there, but when I first walked in I felt a welcoming.  I felt I was supposed to be there.  I felt an  enthuasism, that I can’t describe where it came from, maybe just the Spirit.  The church wasn’t in the best part of town, and there was actually construction in front of the church that actually caused you to almost miss it.  It’s one of the oldest churches in and I can tell you I felt the history in it, it was small, quaint, not a large congregation, one that is growing.   All I know is I for a long time I’ve been praying to find a place that I felt where I belong which was a good feeling.  The church has some work that it needs as I looked around, just like me.  I read the plaque outside and said it was built by one of the first settlers of Jacksonville.  I remember a sermon of saying the church is the body of Christ.  It was a little battered, and had some scarring, but I kept thinking, hmm, I can see this church growing.  It’s been a while since I’ve been personally involved in a church, many distractions, and I’m sure those distractions will continue.  I felt a calling that I was supposed to be there.  I feel I’ll be back.  It wasn’t just things about the church that I felt I wanted to patch, like cracks in the wall, or the old curtains.  The old piano music made me feel at home, the hymns, and the sermon touched me also.   It was just like that day was supposed to happen.  I have so many ideas about life, and what is to come with Mike and I moving in together and what our house will be like.  We’ve all been given talents to be used for Him, this I believe.  Sometimes I feel like my light is shining, and sometimes I feel like it’s about out and I need a new battery.  I know in my heart I want to shine for a greater purpose.  I want to write more, but I’ve got to get to work.  More later I’m sure


tdain2003 said...

Your light is shining.... I see it from here: )
I'm so glad you found a church that you felt comfortable in.  I feel like that about mine... .it's like my second home.  Maybe because I can hear God speak and feel Him so clearly when I'm there.  
Happy Monday,

deabvt said...

The new church sounds great!
By the way, I didn`t realize you weren`t on the James` reader`s list! You are now!

indigosunmoon said...

I haven't felt at home in a church in a long time.
I feel so battered by some of the things that come
out of the mouths of Christians.  
We have a small MCC church here in town, and some
friends of ours just keep begging us to attend.
Maybe I will.  Might be just what I need.
Love ya,

gbgoglo said...

I wish I could find a church like you found.,, one where I felt I belong.  I have to get back to asking for myself, gloria