Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Lonely Hearts"

So far not much luck on see anyone up close and personal from this new movie they are filming one block from where Mike lives, only 5 houses down.  Mike's not much into this, he actually saw John Travolta but it's not big thing to him, I sat there for an hour, I would of stayed longer, but I knew Mike wanted to go eat.  I did see Selma's sister close up, the more I look at it the more I think it was her.  She was very tiny, but lots of curves.  These are the few pics I've got so far.  I did get one of Laura Dern on the balcony, of course she wouldn't face the camera's, and one of Jay Leto just laying back, they were serving him coffee or something up there, he played in the movie Alexander, and Alexander's right hand man, if you know what I mean.   The movie is a true story that took place in the 40's about two detectives that break the case of the Lonely Hearts Killer's, this is based on a true story, but it was a man and wife who lured women into their house by answering their lonely hearts ad, and became serial killers to a string of murders.  Sounds like a thriller, but John Travolta plays one of the detectives.  I did get one close up as you see of a bloodhound, he is the closest star I've gotten to as of yet, he plays one of the bloodhounds in the movie, lol.  He was sweet.  I walked down this morning nothing going on yet.  Maybe I'll get lucky, I can't believe I missed the close up by like 5 minutes yesterday.  Oh well they are shooting here for at least a month, maybe I'll get lucky.   Here's the grisly tale, they called them the honeymoon killers.  His wife would pretend to be his sister and he would seduce these women into marrying him, and then killing them for their money.  Spooky stuff!

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ksquester said...

I like the dog best, although there a picture of a very curvy young hottie that looks attractive.  Have fun!  Anne