Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot

Over at John's He is a big fan of literacy. First, of course, his livelihood -- here and elsewhere -- depends on people being able to read, and to read more than simple instruction or direction: He needs people to read to enjoy reading. So there's an element of self-preservation to my admiration of literacy. Second, it's just an essential skill for everyone: From reading instructions on a can of food to intelligently voting in an election, reading makes a difference in how all our lives turn out. Third, and most importantly, reading is simply a joy: The best way to get lost in another world, where all you need to travel are words on a page (or a screen) and your own imagination. You can't beat that. And so, in recognition that literacy rocks -- I agree with you 100% John, the skill to have when you're having skills -- I present this week's Monday Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Picture something that represents literacy to you. People reading, a street sign you wouldn't want not to read, a favorite book: Anything that conveys the significance of words.

This is Autumn being read her favorite bedtime story, "The Scariest Monster in the World", I love reading it too her so I can make the monster noises, and she always really get's into it.  This is her mom Amanda reading it too her.



toonguykc said...

My favorite book at that age was "The Monster at the End of the Book"...starring Grover from Sesame Street.  Neither of my parents did the Grover voice very fact they didn't even try.  But I loved hearing that story while I was tucked under the covers.    Russ

gbgoglo said...

Great picture, Derek...peace, gloria

deabvt said...

Wonderful, Derek.